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Interaction and Engagement in Gaming

As clichéd as it sounds, man is a social animal. He does love to be engaged and interacted with. He wants the social and personal connect when he performs an activity. It increased his level of interest in the game. This is what led to the inception of  iGaming.


In a regular game, you make the move. The you in the game respond appropriately. The game goes on. There is no active thinking in the game that will make you think beyond the given moves of the game. With interactive gaming, the moves need to be modified at every turn because the game not only sees your move but responds to it too. That is what adds to the thrill of the game.

A passionate gamer enjoys this difference. It is more than muscle memory making the moves. The brain is at work as well. He needs more information on the background of the game and the context of the scenario to make a decision. It is not just a whim or a reflex move.

The entertaining game becomes cooler when interaction enters the world. Apart from the personal touch, the player feels like he has a lot more to win or lose when he believes to be part of the game.

Games and simulations

The lines are fairly blurred when it comes to the difference between a game and a simulation. The differences are not in your face but rather subtle. An avid gamer will find them critical because it helps him choose between the two. It will hurt his ego if he cannot see this.

  • The background story

In a game, there is very little or no story behind the action. The amateur can just start playing the game. With a simulation, the background story is what could keep him alive and survive through the adventure. Decisions are made based on what happened in the past and what is expected in the present. The environment along with the little data here and there is aligned with the back story. It is all connected.

  • Perspective

There is a lot more perspective attached in the case of a simulation. With gaming, there is no ‘I’ involved. A simulation is more personal as the gamer becomes the protagonist and it is a genuine case of ‘life or death’ for him. The attachment to the game is what makes it all the more exciting and adventurous. The development of the skill and the change in the behaviour are directly proportional to the involvement of the player in the game.

  • The scenario

In a game, the goal is very clear. The game begins with the aim and the desire to hit the target. With simulation, the entire scenario is similar to an epic. The simple fantasy environment in a game has been elaborated into a tale. The characters and the atmosphere have been created using advanced technology. The player is not in his room anymore but inside the system. It looks that real.

The real life context that comes with the simulation makes it necessary for the gamer to be skillful and better at what he does.

  • Making decisions

In the game, the moves are clear and specific. If A takes place then B has to be done. In the world of simulations, there is scope for improvisation. The added information and back ground story that comes with it can make a difference on the decisions.

  • Rules and regulations

In a regular game, rules are not meant to be broken or even modified. Rules are the governing factor. With a simulation, the experience of the protagonist makes a difference because that has an impact on who he is today. The more data you have on the player, the more you can use it to your advantage. The situation can bend the rules to the convenience of the player. With a normal game, it is the level that decides the rules.

The involvement of the player is the key. The more he feels part of the game, the more passionate and devoted he becomes to the incidents that happen in it. The interaction that the game provides to the player brings him into the virtual reality of the game. This is what makes the game more successful.